Spring Has Sprung in Wayzata!

Spring has Sprung all across the US. The birds are singing there wonderful songs–the little chirp chirps float through the air on the beams of sunshine. The air smells fresh, the trees are budding getting ready to show us there pretty summer colors. The grass is turning green, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Time to get ready to do some serious boating. The shrink wrap is off the Sea Ray, my hose and bucket are filled with warm soapy water, the shop vac is ready to go, and the wife is super excited to clean (she gets that way as soon as it hits 60 degrees).

Meanwhile Elisha is focused on cleaning the house. She hustles and bustles about making sure everything is clean so all we have to do this summer is play, and have as much fun as we can on the water. I myself am getting the fishing rods ready, cleaning out my tackle box, buying new lures, and making sure that my life rings and life jackets are safe and secure. May is not even here yet and we are planning our family cruising trips on Lake Minnetonka.

Everyone that can fit on the boat looks forward to Memorial day, the first real boating day for us Minnesotans. It is a glorious day, if the sun prevails over the clouds and rain, but that won’t stop us from exploring one end of the lake to the other. It is always so much fun to look at the nature, and new homes that are being built. It seems like each year they only get bigger and better. I am just so glad that winter has past and the warm weather is here after only 5 1/2 months of hibernating in the south.

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