Drove Past the Alaska Eatery Today

I drove past the Alaska Eatery today, the sister restaurant to the Wayzata Eatery owned and operated by Tahar. According to City Search, it gets 4.5 stars out of 5–a pretty impressive mark. It is located in the old Shelly’s Woodroast location on 394 / Wayzata Boulevard in St. Louis Park. Apparently there is impressive Alaskan decor, the service is better than average, and the food is quite good. The pros listed on the City Search site are: food, service, better than any seafood options in the service, and lively service. Cons include: Parking is in the back, not on the level of top seafood places in Minnesota, you see the back of the building from the street. Elisha and I are looking forward to trying this new place with a Wayzata connection!

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