City of Wayzata Settles Duplex Lawsuit

The fish wrap factory northeast of the Lake is reporting that the City of Wayzata settled a lawsuit with Bob Ritter and Dennis Burgess for their plans to build duplexes on Manitoba Avenue in Wayzata. According to the story by D. Schueller, the City desired single family homes while the plans from Ritter and Burgess called for multifamily housing. The city settled by agreeing to consider new plans, to be submitted. Why the buildings are exempt from height restrictions is anybodies guess. Their seems to be a trend with new construction which says that the city’s height requirements can be surpassed–more frequently than i can recall in recent history.

The Wayzata Bay Center calls for how many stories–4 or 5, I don’t remember which. These plans call for very high roofs on the multifamily homes proposed on Manitoba. My questions to you is what do you think about the recent trend which seems to be building above the building height moratorium? Post your comments below.

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